Available Tours

National Laboratory Tours:

Boulder is home to numerous federal research labs, which you will have the opportunity to tour.  Many faculty have collaborative research projects with these institutions.

ME Laboratory Tours

  • Bioengineering (Dr. Neu, Dr. Ferguson, Dr. Lynch)

  • Robotics/Mechanics (Dr. Rentschler, Dr. MacCurdy, Dr. Humbert)

  • Air Quality (Dr. Hannigan, Dr. Vance, Dr. Miller)

  • Idea Forge and ITLL (ME facilities)

There will be multiple places you will frequent in the Engineering Center including (1) ME conference, (2) ME wing, (3) New ME Wing, and (4) Discovery Learning Center (DLC) as shown on the map.  

Self-Guided Campus Tour

If you would like to explore campus more and you have some spare time, consider following this self-guided tour. Alternatively, you could ask a GEARRS committee member if they have any free time to show you their favorite places on campus.